The High Places


With a balance of literary style, Dr. Hampton gives us a unique and unprecedented look at two complicated subjects against the backdrop of Holy Scripture. 

High Places is an amazing compilation of the myth of evolution and America’s Godly Heritage set against the timelessness of scripture. Dr. Hampton does an inspiring job of boiling down two huge topics to reveal startling conclusions illustrating the root cause of the decline of our present day society.  Hampton's ability to fluidly intertwine the legalities and history of America’s godly heritage with the massive complexities of the myth of evolution is truly amazing. All this is accomplished using the unique revelation of well chosen passages of scripture from the Bible. 

We stand at a crossroads in American history with the future of our nation and the national health of Christianity at stake. The Supreme Court will soon be deciding whether “Under God” will remain in our Pledge of Allegiance, whether the Ten Commandments will remain in our national public square, and so much more.


Also, the Intelligent Design Community and scientists all around the world are finally raising strong challenges to the myth of evolution and age of the earth. 

Dr. Hampton masterfully uses the Holy Scriptures to shed divine light upon several hot button issues of our day. Hampton brings forth the premise that the enemy has built strongholds in the high places of our land.  

High Places is a must read for all Americans.